English-Spanish Lesson '009'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

English Spanish
to study pronunciation estudiar pronunciation
to run pronounce vocabulary correr pronounce vocabulary
also audio también audio
to sleep online sound dormir online sound
where to? speak
Sample Sentence: Where are we going to?
adónde? speak
Sample Sentence: Adónde vamos?
the dinner free la cena free
without pronunciation sin pronunciation
to forget pronounce vocabulary olvidar pronounce vocabulary
to buy audio comprar audio
less online sound menos online sound
where? speak
Sample Sentence: Where does he hide?
dónde? speak
Sample Sentence: Dónde él se esconde?
much free mucho free
the coffee  el café 
the family name  el apellido 
Sample Sentence: Today I got up early.
Sample Sentence: Hoy me levanté temprano.
to have lunch  almorzar 
Sample Sentence: I am in the car.
Sample Sentence: Yo estoy en el coche.
to move 
Sample Sentence: She moves.
Sample Sentence: Ella se mueve.
the group  el grupo 
the sea  el mar 
the bread  el pan 
difficult  difícil 
to bring  traer 
Sample Sentence: I am very pleased to meet you.
Sample Sentence: Encantado de conocerte.
to stand 
Sample Sentence: There were no more free seats, so that we had to stand.
estar de pie 
Sample Sentence: No había más asientos libres, por eso tuvimos que estar de pie.