English-Spanish Lesson '016'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

English Spanish
Sunday pronunciation el domingo pronunciation
the cinema pronounce vocabulary el cine pronounce vocabulary
the moon audio la luna audio
Wednesday online sound el miércoles online sound
the song speak la canción speak
to fall free caerse free
old pronunciation viejo pronunciation
to lean pronounce vocabulary
Sample Sentence: Lean the board to the wall!
apoyar pronounce vocabulary
Sample Sentence: Apoya la tabla en la pared!
the story audio
Sample Sentence: He told his grandchildren stories before they went to sleep.
el cuento audio
Sample Sentence: El les contó cuentos a sus nietos antes de que se fueran a dormir.
since online sound
Sample Sentence: I was not in Italy since 1990.
desde online sound
Sample Sentence: No he estado en Italia desde 1990.
to ask speak preguntar speak
to cost free costar free
the throat  el cuello 
to forget something  olvidarse de 
to stop  parar 
the second  el segundo 
the husband  el marido 
the air  el aire 
to become  volverse 
to read  leer 
not at all  no...nada 
enough  bastante 
Thursday  el jueves 
the landscape  el paisaje 
to take pictures  sacar fotos