English-Spanish Lesson '004'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

English Spanish
to push pronunciation empujar pronunciation
blue pronounce vocabulary azul pronounce vocabulary
to come audio venir audio
strong online sound fuerte online sound
hundred speak cien speak
the breakfast free el desayuno free
the sugar pronunciation el azúcar pronunciation
the time pronounce vocabulary el tiempo pronounce vocabulary
to pull audio tirar audio
to meet online sound
Sample Sentence: to meet someone new
conocer online sound
Sample Sentence: conocer a una nueva persona
to leave speak
Sample Sentence: The man leaves the building.
salir speak
Sample Sentence: El hombre sale del edificio.
small free pequeño free
there  ahí 
Sample Sentence: I feel worse than before.
Sample Sentence: Me siento peor que antes.
four  cuatro 
seven  siete 
to work  trabajar 
the stone  la piedra 
to want  querer 
tomorrow  mañana 
the soccer  el fútbol 
over there  allí 
to speak 
Sample Sentence: The woman speaks a lot.
Sample Sentence: La mujer habla mucho.
the seller  el vendedor 
Sample Sentence: This present is for you.
Sample Sentence: Este regalo es para ti.