English-Spanish Lesson '034'


All words and their translation. Start the lesson and try to translate the words yourself.

=online pronunciation, pronounce vocabulary.

English Spanish
the exit pronunciation la salida pronunciation
the earth pronounce vocabulary la tierra pronounce vocabulary
the customer audio el cliente audio
the relative online sound el familiar online sound
dead speak muerto speak
to change free cambiar free
the way pronunciation el camino pronunciation
to get tired pronounce vocabulary cansarse pronounce vocabulary
to hang up audio colgar audio
the address online sound la dirección online sound
to book speak reservar speak
above free encima de free
to print  imprimir 
to behave  comportarse 
to give a present  regalar 
the flag  la bandera 
equal  igual 
from on  a partir de 
every  cada 
the motorbike  la motocicleta 
the respect  el respeto 
to chat  charlar 
the box  la caja 
to throw in  echar 
to maintain  mantener