Italian Grammar

Here is a list of our tutorials about Italian grammar as well as some grammar exercises. To start the grammar exercises, please press the button at the end of each tutorial.

In order to learn Italian vocabulary, grammar and verbs please visit our language course page.


Italian Adjectives
Bello, Bella, ...

Articulated Prepositions
"Di" + "Lo" becomes "dello"...

Direct Object Pronouns
Mi, ti, lo, la...

Numbers in Italian
count in Italian

Past Participle in Italian
Parlato, Andato...

Personal Pronouns - Subject
Io, tu, ...

Plural in Italian
How to form the Italian plural

Prepositions of Place
Rules of prepositions like "a", "in", "per".

Prepositions of Time
Learn when to use "a", "in" or "per" with time indication.

Reflexive Verbs
Learn how to use reflixe verbs.

Telling time in Italian
How to express time.