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After focusing several years on vocabulary building, Vocabulix has decided to devote more time and resources to grammar and has created a Grammar tips page. Although the entire section is still in a testing phase, Vocabulix has already added a few tips. Vocabulix will try to add a tip every week, especially articles about grammar rules in English, Spanish or German. Below you can also find a link to the user's forum where you can place your questions about grammar and language studies in general. In addition, we invite you to join our online social network (Find Friends section), practice words with our vocabulary builder or make use of the dictionaries and verb tables.

 Newest tips on Spanish grammar:


Spanish Numbers

Por or Para Choose the correct word

Gender in Spanish Learn to use the right gender

Plural in Spanish Build plural forms

Dates and Months in Spanish How to express a date.

Weekdays in Spanish Common usage

Private Spanish Tutor With Skype

Best Spanish Course

Travel & Language

Drinking Wine and Learning Spanish - Combine fun and learning in La Rioja, Spain

Spanish Vocabulary - Introduction & Exercises

Spanish Reading Comprehension
 Newest tips on English grammar:

Most popular topics

English Numbers

Some and any Some and any are used in different ways.

Then or than Learn how not to confuse these two words in English.

Much or Many That's too much for you? Not too many things to remember...

Irregular English Verbs Overview of the verbs


Simple Present

Present Progressive

Past Progressive

Simple Past

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Present Participle

Past Participle

Will future

Going to future

General English Grammar

Imperative Sentence in English Use the imperative form in English correctly...

Comparative and superlative of adjectives

Comparative and superlative of adverbs





Modal Verbs

Effect or Affect - Easy Advice for Common Use

Expressing Time Half past nine, A quarter to five...

English Reading Comprehension
 Newest tips on German grammar:

Most popular topics

German Numbers

Seit or seid Learn when to use each one in German.

Das or Dass the difference.


Declension - Overview

   Nominative case the first case

   Genitive case the second case

   Dative case the third case

   Accusative case the fourth case


Präsens - German Present

Präteritum - German Past (simple)

German Present Perfect

German Past Perfect - Plusquamperfekt

German Future - Zukunft 1

German Future - Zukunft 2

Present Participle - Partizip 1

Past Participle - Partizip 2

Strong, weak and mixed verbs

Reading Comprehension Drills

Reading Comprehension Drills in German
Advanced reading comprehension based on newspaper articles in German.

Travel & Language

Trip to Hanover - Kaffeeklatsch & Fußball

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